The macOS install is slightly...complicated. Though there are four key steps, the first three are in Mosyle so you only have to do them once. The last one has to be done on every machine, in the user account that will be running the app. If NWEA ever works out a way to do this well, I'll update this doc and let you all know.


  1. Management> Security & Privacy> Privacy
  2. Management> Install PKG
  3. Management> Certificates / Custom Profiles
    • Upload this file (from this article, in case the link dies) into a new profile
    • There isn't an article about his profile time, but all you do is upload one file
    •  Don't forget to assign and saveCreating an individual class
  4. Entering the organization info
    • Open /Applications/NWEA State Solutions Secure Browser/NWEAStateSolutions
    • It will go through a system check; it will fail
    • Select "Enter State Partner Code"
    • Enter the code "NSCAS" (not case sensitive)
    • It'll run its check again. If you've done all the steps called for, it should succeed